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Terrasys Communication is the leading provider of media monitoring service in Indonesia. As a company that specializes in media monitoring, Terrasys Communication is 100% objective, independent, and not owned by any media group.

Our services helps corporate communications, public relations,advertising and research professionals improve their ability to access, understand and use media coverage as key components for communicating more effectively and making informed business decisions.

Terrasys Communication Services help corporate communications, public relations, advertising and research professionals to enhance their ability to access, understand and use the media as a key component to communicate more effectively and as a basis for consideration in strategic decisions.

Here are what we have:

  • We collect complete and excessive amount of data in many form for our service. Digital and non-digital form. The Newspaper clipping and its OCR text and its digital image. The video recording and its transcription.  And all information surround it.
  • All these data is stored in our comprehensive database management system. Our database management system provides you with rapid and structured data access. It provides you with fast searching, sorting, and further processing in any layout and information format you require. It also provides you with the ability for faster further data and information processing such as creating information summary, data warehousing, data mining, statistic calculation, etc.
  • We monitor the media for 24 hours a day. We monitor Newspaper, Television, Internet and Radio.
  • We have our professional editor for news and stories. We transcript the news from television and we translate them to English and Indonesia.
  • Our information is real time. You can request any information we’ve been collecting anytime. We even collect data in the very early time in the morning when the newspapers are just newly printed.
  • Our tone analysis for news story is objective and can be customized in accordance with your specification.
  • We’ve been working with our clients for quite a long time and our experience is no doubt. We have been collecting a huge amount of public news data in our database. To this day, for sample, we have 500 000 of our client news data we’ve been collecting for one year.
  • Our client list is growing provides the opportunity to continue to learn and each new project is our opportunity to grow and expand, we challenged ourselves to provide our clients more than what they requested.

Terrasys commits to maintain the quality, excellence, innovation and technology. We are also aware that customers want a long-term relationships with organizations with strong, diversified capabilities and efficiency to keep costs competitive. For us, every client is unique, and we are ready to customize our services to cater our client’s need and requirements.

We handle the company or any organization whether local or foreign utilizing media monitoring to gain competitive advantage.

This year more clients are added to the portfolio as follows:

a)     One of Indonesia's Leading Business Group.
b)     Embassies and NGOs.
c)     Multinational corporations foreign.