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Professional media monitoring has become an essential, cost-efficient tool for people who need to know about the WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN and WHY of news events.

TERRASYS MEDIA MONITORING clients include corporations, public relations firms and government agencies. Our clients rely on us for round-the-clock monitoring and timely service to ensure a quick response and an informed decision-making process:

1. Tracking public opinion
2. Measuring the effectiveness of public relations initiatives
3. Improving customer service and consumer relations
4. Gathering marketing intelligence
5. Tracking the competition
6. Identifying misinformation
7. Deterring trademark infringements
8. Eliminating unauthorized use of products and services

We are mindful of the value of your time which is why we save you time and money by delivering only what is relevant to you - extraneous information is filtered. We strive to send a concise package of only news of importance to you.




1. News and public affairs from radio and television sources throughout Indonesia
2. Detailed news summaries by 8:00 a.m. and updates throughout the day
3. Tracking reports providing a concise overview of relevant media coverage

TERRASYS MEDIA MONITORING Media Services monitors news and public affairs programs from radio and television sources throughout Indonesia.


Our media monitors write detailed news summaries of television broadcasts and match them to your criteria manually. A great amount of care ensures that summaries are edited, compiled and delivered to you. Regular updates of moving stories are provided throughout the day.

TERRASYS MEDIA MONITORING summaries include all pertinent information relating to the news item. We write a synopsis of the segment to include all salient facts. As well, each summary includes the name of the program, station ID, date and time of broadcast, reporter, interviewees, length of item and a unique ID number.

If budget is of the essence, tracking reports are also available to provide you with a concise overview of relevant media coverage.


1. Daily/weekly newspapers and periodicals monitored all across Indonesia
2. 8:00 a.m. delivery - or earlier
3. Summaries of press clippings available for electronic delivery
4. All clippings delivered are presentation-ready

Our print staff monitor newspapers and magazines from a vast number of daily/weekly newspapers and periodicals all across Indonesia. Clippings are selected by our trained staff who are knowledgeable of your issues. This ensures the quality and accuracy of our services.

Our express clipping service provides for delivery of clippings from all major dailies from across. If you have requirements outside our regular delivery schedule, we would be happy to accommodate you - just let us know.

To cater to your specific needs even further, we also offer summaries of press clippings as an alternative or in addition to our fax service to provide you with the option of receiving your coverage electronically.

All our data is entered into our propriety database thus allowing detailed data and trend analyis.