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Professional media monitoring has become an essential, cost-efficient tool for people who need to know about the WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN and WHY of news events.

TERRASYS MEDIA MONITORING clients include corporations, public relations firms and government agencies. Our clients rely on us for round-the-clock monitoring and timely service to ensure a quick response and an informed decision-making process:

1. Tracking public opinion
2. Measuring the effectiveness of public relations initiatives
3. Improving customer service and consumer relations
4. Gathering marketing intelligence
5. Tracking the competition
6. Identifying misinformation
7. Deterring trademark infringements
8. Eliminating unauthorized use of products and services

We are mindful of the value of your time which is why we save you time and money by delivering only what is relevant to you - extraneous information is filtered. We strive to send a concise package of only news of importance to you.