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The information age is generating an ever-increasing number of publications, broadcasting channels & online web sources. It's difficult for one person to keep up with all the vast information that's out there.

Free yourself from countless hours of tedious work.

With Terrasys Communications, You always get the most comprehensive and in-depth media coverage collected from print, electronic & websites across Indonesia.

  • Press Coverage : Our coverage area of national press includes the most popular and influential newspapers in each region. The press coverage comes ready to you from leading newspapers and magazines across Indonesia.
  • Electronic Coverage : Our coverage area under this segment includes the most popular and prominent television channels broadcasted in Indonesia. Information comes ready to you from leading television news channels.
  • Web Coverage : The web coverage comes ready to you from leading websites, blogs, financial portals, electronic edition of newspapers (e-paper) providing meaningful results to you.

As we monitor on a bespoke basis and do monitoring for our clients with a focused target media strategy, We frequently add media sources on request as a part of our tailored approach to media monitoring.

The exact list of sources we monitor varies over the time as new clients are constantly added.

If you wish to see our comprehensive source list Contact us