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You get your news coverage. The way you have always wanted.

In addition to our standard services, We are flexible enough to provide customized news monitoring and clipping services matching your specific requirements.

Our technology combined with our experience enable us to develop a variety of value added services, This approach separates us from typical press clipping agencies.

Here how we can help, These are some of the value added services you can subscribe to:

  • Categorization: You get categorized coverage by company, competition, industry. Helps you Fax, Photocopy important clips.
  • Indexing: You get press clippings by headline, edition, date etc., Lets you identify clippings quickly
  • Summaries: You get summaries along with your news coverage, All key messages are captured giving you instant snapshot.
  • Translation: You get translation of regional press clippings in English language, Provides you complete picture.
  • Multiple Sets: You get multiple copies of all your news clippings, Ideal for larger organizations with multiple locations.
  • Coverage CD: You get CD-Rom containing all your news clippings, An invaluable archive system with an easy-to-use search function.

With all these time saving value added services at you disposal, Terrasys Communications helps you manage your clips even more effectively and lets you concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Please contact us if you need more information, or if you would like us to design a clipping service for you.