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In order for us to continue to serve our clients with a world-class service, we continue to seek regional and international partners to be a part of our endeavors.

If you think your business and Terrasys Communications would benefit from a partnership, please share your ideas on how our businesses might be able to grow together.

We are offering partnerships in the following areas:

Content Partner : We would like to join hands with dynamic individuals having in-depth knowledge of Indonesian business scenario, or organizations who can provide us with the localized news, information about events, media reports etc on different industry segments from their region.

Channel Partner : As a channel partner you would have the right to resell Terrasys Communications monitored content through their vertical channels. In their use of Terrasys Communications services, partners distribution channel, providing a key link with their knowledge of local markets.

Leading content aggregators use Terrasys Communications as a key source in the provision of news alerts and custom searches.

So if you would like to become an affiliate and get paid for sharing media content from your region or simply join us as a channel partner, we would like to hear from you.

We as a partners can work on long-term projects or on punctual projects for any field of activity pertaining to media monitoring.

Please click here to send in your profile with contact details, One of our team members would get in touch with you.

Any information that you would share would be kept strictly confidential.